David Clarke interviews Turcan Connell Charity Partner, Gavin McEwan and Senior Associate, Kenneth Pinkerton the changes to fundraising law in Scotland at Princes Exchange, 1 Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9EE.

Gavin and Kenneth discuss the changes to fundraising law in Scotland.

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Hello and welcome to the Turcan Connell video cast on Charities. I’m here with Gavin McEwan and Kenneth Pinkerton. We’re going to be talking about changes in fund raising. Gavin there has been a review hasn’t there of the fund raising situation in Scotland. Can you tell me a bit about that?


There’s been a big review south of the border but in Scotland we’ve also had a review of fund raising regulation that the government instigated this and SCVO have carried it out and the indications are that we’re going to stick with a light touch self-regulatory scheme. Lots of focus still very much on charities to get their houses in order but a bit of extra emphasis on Oscar the charity regulator to step in when things go wrong and in the meantime, what charities have to make sure they do, is make sure they are abiding by the current code of fund raising practice which is really the gold standard for fund raisers, make sure they’re managing donors data properly. Just making sure they’re meeting the current rules and regulations before the system changes.


Kenneth gift aid is very important, in terms of raising money for charities. Can you tell me about some of the changes for that?  


Gift Aid is a valuable incentive for charities since it allows them to maximise the give and receive from donors. As of the 6th of April this year, the gift aid declaration form changed so it’s absolutely essential that charities get that form right so there aren’t any invalid claims going into the revenue. Also, the small donations scheme and the gift aid donor benefit rules are changing. So again, the charities must be alive to the changes so they can maximise Gift Aid when it comes our way.


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