The Scottish Land Commission will become fully operational from 1st April 2017. In October 2016, the Scottish Government announced that the Scottish Land Commission will be based in Inverness, with approximately 20 staff at the outset.

In terms of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 the Scottish Ministers, in appointing members of the Commission, are to have regard to the Commissioners having experience in:- land reform, law, finance, economic issues, planning and development, land management, community empowerment, environmental issues, human rights, equal opportunities and the reduction of inequalities of income which result from socioeconomic disadvantage.

Taking the following principles into account, the Scottish Government have appointed the following Commissioners:

Tenant Farming Commissioner

Dr Bob McIntosh CBE: retired civil servant and Director of Forestry Commission Scotland.

Land Commissioners

Andrew Thin (Chair): currently also serving as Chair of Scottish Canals, and a Non-Executive Director in the Scottish Government.

Professor David Adams: a senior academic with experience of planning and development, land reform and urban issues – Advisor to the Land Reform Review Group.

Lorne MacLeod: chartered accountant – also Chairman of Community Land Scotland.

Dr Sally Reynolds: Development Officer for the Carloway Estate Trust and Coordinator of the Lewis and Harris Greylag Goose Management Scheme.

Megan MacInnes: currently part-time land advisor to Global Witnesss, a London based NGO.