The Tenant Farming Commissioner (TFC) has recently issued advice on the implications of Covid-19 for on-farm meetings. The advice issued includes recommendations regarding spring rent reviews and the tenants’ amnesty.

The TFC has advised that any upcoming rent reviews that are due to take place this spring should be postponed until the Government restrictions regarding social distancing are lifted. An exception to this is made where rent reviews are likely be straightforward and can be settled without face to face meetings.  In such circumstances, rent reviews may proceed as normal. 

With regard to the tenants’ amnesty, which will end on 12 June 2020, the TFC is “asking all landlords and tenants to be reasonable about allowing the process to remain alive even after the end of the amnesty period. They should agree in writing that they will enable finalisation of amnesty claims to be carried out, if necessary, after 12 June. Where such agreement cannot be reached, the TFC should be informed. This process will only apply to claims where the amnesty process has begun before 12 June. It is not an opportunity to delay the start of the process. Tenants who delay the start of the process until after 12 June will lose their ability to take advantage of the amnesty provisions”.

You can read the advice issued by TFC in full on the Scottish Land Commission website at:-