"Insightful and stimulated my interest in the private client field"

Kara McCormick:

"I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me develop over the last 6 weeks. The support and encouragement I have received has been amazing and has created a lasting positive impression of the firm. Turcan Connell has been the ideal place for me to take my first steps towards a career in the legal profession.

"My time here been so insightful and further stimulated my interest in the private client field. I have acquired new skills and knowledge that will stand me in great stead for the future; I have even learned a thing or two about hockey!

"I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I settled in and how much responsibility I was given from the outset. I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship and I am so grateful for the experience gained and friends made along the way."

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"Packed full of varied responsibilities... no two days have been the same"

Alexandra Cook:

"The past six weeks have gone faster than I could ever have imagined. They have been packed full of varied responsibilities which means no two days here have been the same. Not only have I gained an abundance of knowledge, I have also got to know the many people within Turcan Connell and I have been made to feel a part of the family.

"The summer BBQ was a highlight for me as it showed the firms fun side, and really emphasised how team work is at the forefront of the company ethos.

"I would greatly encourage anyone who has an aspiration to be a private client lawyer to apply for an internship within Turcan Connell, as I have experienced nothing but friendly, approachable people and great company values and clients. Moreover, the practical experience and knowledge I have gained has been exceptional and I will always be grateful for this invaluable experience."

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"Vastly informative experience... I have continuously expanded my knowledge and improved my practice"

Morag McEwan:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my six weeks at Turcan Connell. The placement has been a vastly informative experience and has provided me with an invaluable insight into how the law is applied in practice.

"The members of the Family Department team have provided me with a variety of tasks, and as a result I have continuously expanded my knowledge and improved my practice. Turcan Connell’s welcoming and accommodating community has enhanced what has been a very enjoyable and informative summer internship.

"This summer internship leaves me in no doubt that I would recommend the experience to anyone who has an interest in this area of law."

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"I can’t believe quite how fast and enjoyable it has been"

Connor Barnes:

"Having now completed my Internship, I can’t believe quite how fast and enjoyable it has been. From the very first day it has been non-stop.

"Having been placed in a Land and Property team, an area that I am very interested in, I have undertaken a vast array of different tasks and no two days have ever been the same. I have learnt a number of invaluable skills that I’m sure will help me for the rest of my life.

"However, it is not just the work side of the firm that has made this experience so enjoyable. Firstly, from the moment I stepped into the office everyone I have met has been incredibly welcoming and extremely happy to explain and answer any questions that I have had, however silly they seem!

"As well as this, we have been made to feel like we are really part firm and not just people sent to get the daily coffee (although the Wednesday bun run is an essential task!). We have been invited to drinks and lunches with the trainees as well as the firm wide summer BBQ and the occasional game of hockey or Padel tennis, where there is definitely no prior knowledge required!

"I would highly recommend Turcan Connell to anyone who is looking for a legal career, as I have found these past six weeks to have been so incredibly rewarding."

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 "Flown by"

Antonia Holligan:

"It is safe to say that the past 6 weeks at Turcan Connell have flown by. Before starting, I didn’t expect to be given real work from the get-go but within my first week I was drafting Wills, sending letters to clients and placing phone calls.

"Getting straight to work has meant that I have been able to learn much more than I thought I could. The tasks have been so varied and my team has made an effort to give me the opportunity to do a bit of everything and provide support in doing so.

"Being here for 6 weeks has given me time to get a full sense of the firm culture and it is truly a firm I would be extremely lucky to work for. There is a strong presence of support and a social side which goes beyond 9-5. I can’t thank team IRC enough for making my time here both enjoyable and educational.

"It feels almost strange to be leaving as I have become to feel part of the team."

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"Made to feel like a truly valued member of teams"

Sean Lieder:

"Working between Gavin McEwan’s Charity team and Peter Littlefield and Tom Duguid’s Tax and Succession team has been a great experience which has flown past.

"Since the first day I have been made to feel like a truly valued member of both teams, with members giving me real tasks and always ready to help. The exposure to such a wide range of work has really given me an insight to what it’s like to work for Turcan Connell and has left me eager to pursue a career in law.

"Furthermore, Turcan Connell has such a friendly environment where everyone loves their job and there is a real emphasis on the importance of the team. The work-life balance is great too, with plenty of social activities which really help you integrate quickly into the firm. I am so grateful to have been given this fantastic opportunity and to everyone in the firm who has made me feel so welcome."

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"Everyone values your development"

Adam Greig:

"It is hard to believe that my time in the Land and Property team is coming to an end. This process feels to have gone so quickly but from it I will take so much and for that I am very grateful.

"Above all else, the chance to see how a firm such as Turcan Connell operates from the inside has given me a great sense of perspective, and an appreciation of the effort and dedication that go into providing the best possible client service.

"The learning curve has been steep, but from the varied work and the feedback I have been given, it is great to feel as if you are an important and trusted part of the team, and that everyone within it values your development. I can now see how far I have come and I have the team here to thank for that.

"It will no doubt be strange not to come into the office on Monday but I will look back on this experience fondly. If there was one area for improvement it was Kirsten and I’s attempt at Padel tennis, for which I can say at least we tried."

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"My time at Turcan Connell is going to have been very beneficial to my legal career"

Matthew Pleass:

"I’ve really enjoyed my six weeks at Turcan Connell and I am very grateful for the huge amount of legal experience I have gained whilst I’ve been here.

"My time in the land and property team has really helped promote my legal understanding of the concepts I have been taught at University and has given me invaluable insight into legal practice.

"I can’t thank my team enough for how welcoming and helpful they have been whilst I have been here. I feel my time at Turcan Connell is going to have been very beneficial to my legal career moving forward and I would recommend anyone thinking of doing an internship to apply to Turcan Connell, regardless of whether or not they are sure if a career in law is for them. It really is a great place to learn, and it is a rare opportunity to get a large amount of practical legal experience."

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"So much going on around the firm"

Kirsten Campbell Guion:

"I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to spend 6 weeks working at Turcan Connell. It has been amazing to be part of such a busy working legal team in Land and Property under the supervision of partners Louise Johnston and Jon Robertson.

"It’s been a steep learning curve from drafting Dispositions to collating Land Court documents, with barely a minute to spare. There’s so much going on around the firm both work-wise, socially, and in terms of charity work: Turcan Connell truly is a firm that cares.

"A huge thank you to everyone for being so welcoming, especially to my team and mentor for guiding me along through the process!"

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Applications for our 2020 Summer Internships will open in November 2019.

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