By Loris MacDonald, Summer Intern

We have now officially passed the half way mark of our Summer Internship with Turcan Connell.

The past few weeks have passed in a blink – time flies when you’re having fun and the next three weeks will be no exception.

From my first point of contact with Turcan Connell, I felt an instant connection with the firm. While wandering around the law fair at Edinburgh’s McEwan Hall – overwhelmed by the number of firms – and loaded with information, goodie bags and leaflets, I reached my final destination: Turcan Connell’s stand. But something was different about them, the people were so approachable, spoke honestly and highly of the firm and this left a lasting impression on me that day.

Since joining the firm as an intern, everyone has continued to be equally as friendly and helpful. From day one I was welcomed into Ian Clark’s Tax and Succession Team with open arms and I am extremely lucky to have supportive professionals around me, who take the time to ensure I am able to make the most of my internship. It is very evident that Turcan Connell pride themselves in employing caring and personable people into the firm. This is not only an advantage to the clients, but it has meant that each intern has been made to feel at ease and appreciated. I feel very lucky to be part of this.

Not only this, but it is obvious that interns are valued within the firm and are given responsibility from the outset. The tasks I have been given within my department have allowed me to gain a deeper insight into the field of tax and succession, utilising and developing the knowledge I gained at university. I have also gained a real flavour for the day-to-day running of a successful private client firm. For me, this has involved overcoming various challenges, keeping up with the fast-paced work flow and learning something new every single day and I look forward to this continuing over the next three weeks.

Our time at Turcan Connell thus far has gone well beyond the day-to-day work element of the firm. We have been lucky enough to attend ‘young lawyer’ presentation workshops during lunchtimes where we worked together with the trainees to develop our presentation skills. We have also been given the opportunity to volunteer with Turcan Connell’s ‘Charity of the Year’ at the World Down’s Syndrome Congress in Glasgow. I have previously volunteered with organisations such as Disability Shetland and I’m very much looking forward to supporting Turcan Connell’s involvement within the community.

Finally, Friday night marked the famous Summer BBQ event. I never thought my internship experience would involve rolling around in an inflatable bubble or dressing up as a gorilla in a photobooth, but this is just another example of Turcan Connell exceeding my expectations.

As a teambuilding event, it was a fantastic way to meet other staff members and everyone had really bonded by the end of the night.

Over the next three weeks, I am looking forward to facing many more challenges, developing my skills further with the help of my team and simply making the most of an internship at Scotland’s most prominent private client firm.