So here it is, the final week. In some ways the past five weeks have flown by and yet we have only been here for just over a month.

I didn’t quite know what to expect heading into this internship. I mainly worried that the other interns, and perhaps the firm itself, would be super competitive, corporate focussed, and would have no time for socialising. I genuinely couldn’t have been more wrong.

Now I think about it, the internship interview back in January in fact quashed most of those fears. It was so relaxed that it was almost conversational and the questions were all about who you are as a person. I even managed to slip in some of my terrible impressions, a key highlight being Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs!

You may have already read in other blog posts that Turcan Connell has been so open and supportive towards all of us. I can say this is genuinely true of everyone I have come across.  I have been asking so many questions and every response has been encouraging and perhaps most importantly, honest.

This week those who have applied for traineeships have their interviews and assessments. I came into this internship unsure about where I wanted to go in the future. I made it clear in the interview that what I wanted the most out of any internship was experience, a glimpse into what following one career path might be like.

I have personally decided not to apply for a traineeship just yet. I still feel I don’t quite know enough about to what direction I want to go in to make such a big decision. I have to admit I was concerned what everyone at the firm might say once I confessed I still hadn’t made up my mind. However, everybody from HR to even the partners has thoroughly understood. They didn’t expect someone so early on in their career to leave with a definite decision and reassured me that the door at Turcan Connell is always open. 

The past five weeks for me have been filled with different challenges. I’ve had to learn a new range of practical skills from drafting legal documents and letters to communicating with clients. Fundamentally however, this experience has helped me develop the confidence I have in the decisions I make and to gain a new assertiveness in my approach whenever I am now faced with a problem.

This internship has opened my eyes to a world of work I had never encountered before. Suddenly, I appreciate the importance of weekends and a couple of extra hours in bed! But more significantly, I have seen now what life could be like after university and the different possibilities that future has to offer.   

By Ellen Smith, Summer Intern