By Caitlin Tulloch Bowles, Summer Intern

I have just completed one third of my Summer Internship at Turcan Connell and the time has flown by. Initially, I had my reservations about applying for summer internships, however, after my short time here I am definitely glad that I have.

The practical side of law is definitely very different than learning it from a textbook and I have learned a tremendous amount in my short time at Turcan Connell. On day one I was placed in the Tax and Succession Team which I was pleased with as it is something I had previously been interested and plan to study next year. Whilst in this department I have been given important new tasks daily to keep my time here well-meaning and exciting. It is one of the great things about working in a private client firm – no day is ever the same!

Unsurprisingly, I was apprehensive on my first day but I was quickly put at ease as everyone from Trainee to Partner was so friendly and welcoming. The first few days of the internship seem a bit of a blur now with training in IT, finance and general introductions, but I now feel as if I am key member of my team. Some of the tasks I have undertaken range from drafting Powers of Attorneys and doing court runs, to researching the process to apply for an Irish Passport for a client. Any questions I have had have been immediately answered, even down to the very important questions like how to work the printer! The work I have been tasked with is never construed as menial and I have been given important legal tasks not only by Trainees but by Solicitors and Partners alike, and see real results when my work is regularly sent out to clients making my summer placement work feel valued and creditable.

Turcan Connell conducts weekly mentor meetings where progress is discussed and I have found this very useful with constructive feedback being given. It also provides opportunity to raise any issues, though with how helpful everyone has been and the way my placement has progressed, I have only ever had good remarks to make.

One feature that becomes distinctly apparent whilst undertaking a Turcan Connell internship is that everyone is really interested in helping you learn and develop yourself within a legal framework, allowing you the time to grow. Additionally, there is particular focus on fostering your interests and actively engaging you as best they can. After attending a meeting with the Charities department, I discovered an unknown interest and since have been involved with a large project for them and further meetings. In addition to this, as I am training to be dual-qualified, my team has made an active effort to find me cross-border work to put my learning into practice.

As other interns have mentioned in their blogs, Turcan Connell is not just about work, there is a very active social committee organising events on a weekly basis including a comedy night, weekly summer drinks and last week's highly anticipated summer BBQ. Allowing for you to experience the social side gives you a more well-rounded impression of the firm. 

In summary, I would definitely recommend Turcan Connell for a summer placement; as you really will learn a lot and it is such a great working environment to be involved in!