By Isla Fern


As I'm now entering the fifth week of my summer internship, I can't quite believe how quickly my time at Turcan Connell is going. Similarly to many people undertaking a summer placement, this was my first experience working in a legal setting and I wasn't sure what to expect. Within a couple of hours of being here however, it was clear that there was no reason to be nervous.

While the length of the six-week internship might seem daunting at first, I believe this is what makes Turcan Connell's summer programme stand out – you become a fully integrated member of the team and can take on bigger tasks and longer projects. By involving you heavily in the work, it gives you a realistic taste of working in a law firm and an insight into the day-to-day life of a trainee. And a day at Turcan Connell is always busy! This makes for a great working environment, as the days are fast-paced and exciting. If you need any guidance on a task, everyone at the firm is approachable, friendly and more than happy to help you out. On day one of the internship you're assigned a mentor whose job it is to ensure you get the most out of your time at Turcan Connell. They set up weekly meetings to have a chat, make sure you're managing your workload and to offer general guidance throughout your internship.

Although I'm still getting to grips with the computer system and continually asking what feels like basic questions, it is remarkable how quickly I feel I've settled into the office. I'm placed in the Tax and Succession department and have also been working with charities, an area in which I have no experience but was interested to learn more about. The work in my department has involved a wide variety of tasks from drafting wills, codicils and letters to making phone calls, processing online payments and registering electronic Powers of Attorney. All of the summer interns have been invited along to a number of workshops and as early as our second week we attended a Land and Property meeting, giving us an interesting insight into the recent Land Reform Bill. I've also had the opportunity to complete work outside of the office; I was given a research task that required me to visit the Signet Library to look through historical books and archives.

However, it's not all work and no play at Turcan Connell and there have been plenty of opportunities for all of the summer interns to see the social side of the firm in the few short weeks that we've been here. This has ranged from sporting events including rounders and hockey to meals out with our departments and the hotly anticipated annual summer BBQ.

My first few weeks at Turcan Connell have been great and I couldn't recommend it highly enough to anyone considering undertaking a legal summer internship. The supportive nature at Turcan Connell provides an environment in which you are encouraged to push yourself to produce high quality work and gives you the invaluable experience of working in a leading private client law firm.

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