By Moyra Diaz Limaco and Rebecca Little

Moyra Becky


When most University students start their first"proper" internship they don't really know what to expect. We all knew that Turcan Connell was a leading Private Client firm but, how could we possibly know what working in a law firm would be like without having done so before? We expected a taste of what each department was like due to the length of the six week programme. On the first day, however, we were put within our very own teams for the entire placement – a true reflection of the trainee experience. Our teams were within the fast-paced Land and Property department and we were warned by the trainees at our very first lunch outing that we would have our work cut out!

We are split between Jon Robertson and Adam Gillingham's teams. Between the two teams we would cover three areas of Land and Property: Residential, Rural and Renewables. This has meant a variety of work has been coming our way. The Land and Property team is constantly working to a deadline. As students, you should definitely be used to that kind of pressure and many of us thrive on it! It definitely keeps us on our toes and makes the days fly by. While it's been a steep learning curve putting the theory into practice, it has been exciting and very rewarding. With little to no expectation of client contact at the Summer Intern stage, we've been pleasantly surprised at how much help we have been able to contribute to the team with their client work.

The Land and Property team has given us lots of guidance and support and during the internship we have both gained confidence in completing tasks and we know that we are going to leave knowing a lot more than when we first arrived! So far we have been involved in an endless list of jobs including research, drafting, letter writing, making calls, locating deeds, making deliveries – the list goes on and on and there is never a minute where there is nothing to do! We were also lucky to attend a Land and Property team meeting in which we got insight to legal reforms and recent court decisions from all the top Property Law minds at the firm – their knowledge is as extensive as it is impressive. Legal work aside, we've also taken charge of the dreaded"Bun Run" to Starbucks on a Wednesday morning. Carrying everyone's coffee orders back to the office and making sure we get them right can be the trickiest part of our week. With only four hands between us it certainly provides some comic relief!

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