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Having spent the past five years at university working towards commencing this traineeship, I would have expected day one as a Trainee Solicitor to be significantly more daunting than it actually was. My calmness can be afforded to the fact that in the two year intervening period since signing my contract with Turcan Connell, I have been made to feel like part of the firm. This was due to having received invitations to the annual Summer BBQ each year and regular updates from the firm in the post.

As I begin my third week of the traineeship, it is clear to me that Turcan Connell does not live up to the preconceived opinion that many law students have of 'legal firms'. A healthy work/life balance is greatly encouraged, social events are offered in abundance and as a result, the office is a great place to be!

My first seat is in the Land and Property team. The transactional nature of this department makes for a fast-paced and exciting working environment. So far no two days have been the same and much to my relief, any fear I had of spending hours on end photocopying, filing and making tea were quickly dispelled. Trainees are assigned substantial legal work and are treated as valuable members of the team from the outset.

Whilst I am still at an early stage of the traineeship, I can say with confidence that my favourite part of working for Turcan Connell is the interaction with clients. It was the prospect of doing high quality work for private individuals and charities that really set this firm apart for me during the application process.

Based on my first three weeks, I believe Turcan Connell to be unique among the top tier law firms in this regard and as such, would highly recommend the firm to people who want quality, client-focussed legal training.

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