As a result of the complexity of many family relationships, disputes often arise in relation to inheritance, capacity, and the interpretation of wills, codicils, letters of wishes and other legal documents. We regularly advise clients, whether as beneficiaries or as Executors, in relation to how to contest a will.

Challenge a Will

Turcan Connell has a number of the leading experts in the field of trust law and has a significant experience in executry law and practice. Our team has in-depth experience in conducting litigation in the Sheriff Courts and in the Court of Session, in both the ordinary and commercial courts, and will represent clients, where appropriate, at mediation or arbitration to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. At all times we maintain a dialogue of realistic expectations and costs that surround such a challenge, and help you decide the best course of action moving forward.

In relation to trusts in particular, there are a number of key areas in which disputes can arise. Turcan Connell has unrivalled experience in relation to trust disputes resolution, including challenges over the use of trust funds, the appointment or removal of trustees and applications to the Court to vary trust purposes.

Contest a Will: For Charities

Charities can spend years developing donor relationships and nurturing legacy prospects only to experience major hurdles prior to securing the funding promised. With increasing instances of challenges to wills, there is often a need to take legal action to secure a bequest or to protect a charity's interests where a charitable legacy may be disputed either by family members or by other charities. Turcan Connell regularly works with charity clients to ensure that funds ring-fenced for their purposes are secured, be it through litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods. All charities should benefit from sound legal advice before embarking on a legacy campaign and Turcan Connell is pleased to offer our expertise in this area.

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