It is a common misconception that estate planning is only relevant to those who are wealthy or retired. In reality, almost everyone has an estate of some form and, no matter how substantial or modest, proper planning can greatly reduce any complications or ambiguities that arise in the event of death. Estate planning is often put off because people consider themselves too young, too busy, not suitably wealthy or not well enough informed, but delaying these arrangements can be detrimental in the future, especially with regard to those who are left behind.

Turcan Connell's Wills, Estate Planning and Succession practice is the largest in Scotland and can provide expert advice on all related aspects, including:

Making a Will in Scotland: Large Estates

While estate planning is important to everyone, those with large estates should be particularly vigilant to ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes in order to protect their wealth for future generations. Passing assets over to the next generation is usually driven by tax planning considerations but inherited wealth brings its own risks and anxieties. At Turcan Connell, our will writing and estate planning services can ease those anxieties and provide pragmatic solutions for what are often complex situations.

We have a strong commitment to the role of the experienced family adviser providing both technical estate planning advice and a source of wise counsel.

In the case of individuals or families wishing more extensive advice on and legal matters, we can draw on the skills of our family law and employment experts, to ensure your plans are properly integrated and fully considered.