If you are considering installing a wind, hydro-electric, solar photovoltaic, anaerobic digestion or combined heat and power development, Turcan Connell can advise on renewable energy incentive schemes that may benefit you.

Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) 

If your development is 5MW in size or less, Turcan Connell can provide the legal expertise required to understand and comply with the provisions of the Feed-in Tariffs Scheme.

Where you intend to enter into a deal with a developer for the purpose of installing such a development, or are a developer looking to develop landowners' sites under FiTs, we can advise on and put in place the necessary contracts dealing with the property, agricultural and crofting, construction, tax and business law aspects of such incentive schemes.

How can Turcan Connell help you?

Our broad experience in this area includes advising on:

  • The eligibility of developments for FiTs;
  • The tariff levels applicable to FiTs;
  • The leasing of land to developers for such developments;
  • Equipment procurement;
  • Fuel supply agreements - methods of financing such developments (including using the Green Deal , where appropriate);
  • The putting in place of joint venture vehicles and/or special purpose vehicles for landowners and developers and; and
  • Advising on the tax implications of development.

Turcan Connell's work in the area extends to negotiating the legal documentation for portfolios of FiTs developments for developers as well as handling the legal negotiations on behalf of landowners whose land will be affected by such developments, either directly or indirectly.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme

Turcan Connell can assist those wishing to make use of the technologies supported by the Renewable Heat Incentive  scheme by advising on the application of the RHI to those technologies, the availability of support to different participators (those in the industrial, commercial and private sectors), the levels of support, and methods of financing participation (including using the Green Deal, where appropriate), and by negotiating equipment procurement contracts, fuel supply agreements and heat sale contracts.

Green Deal

The Green Deal allows property owners to obtain finance for the purposes of making energy efficiency improvements to their properties, and can potentially extend to the funding of the acquisition of small-scale renewable electricity and/or heat installations compatible with FiTs or the RHI. Turcan Connell can advise on the detail of the Green Deal incentive scheme, as well as helping sellers, landlords, purchasers and tenants of properties which have been improved under the Green Deal to comply with their obligations under this scheme.

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