Professional negligence claims represent a large proportion of the cases in the UK Courts today.

If you are paying substantial fees to architects, solicitors, accountants, surveyors and other professionals, you expect to receive a legitimate, professional service. When this doesn't happen, the consequences can be far-reaching and expensive. Turcan Connell offers advice on how to recover the cost of mistakes made by professionals working on your behalf.

Understanding Professional Negligence Law

Our solicitors have the expertise to guide clients though the laws around professional negligence and the realities of success in making or defending a claim. For the most part, professional negligence claims are successful where:

  • A duty of care exists between one party (the professional) and another (the client);
  • There has been a negligent act, i.e. there has been act that has been an act that would be deemed unreasonable by reasonable people in the same situation; and
  • There has been a loss as a result of that negligent act.

The corollary to that is that professionals today can expect to receive more complaints about service than ever before. Such complaints are often accompanied by the threat of litigation. Where a claim is made (often in the hope that a fee will be waived, or damages recovered to offset against other costs), we can advise on how best to defend it.

Settling Professional Negligence Claims without Litigation

Our team has experience in conducting professional negligence cases both against and on behalf of all types of professional. We have resolved cases by means of mediation and arbitration, and also conducted litigation in the Sheriff Courts across Scotland and the Court of Session.

For more information about professional negligence laws or to make or defend a claim, contact us to make an appointment.

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