Scottish Charity Number SC009303

c/o Turcan Connell, 180 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5SG

Tel 0141 441 2111


Miss Patricia Fraser (Chair)

Dr Kenneth Chrystie

Mrs Belinda A Hanson

Andrew Harrow


The Foundation makes donations to charities working in many different sectors including medical research, hospitals, education, organisations working with the young and aged, the handicapped and the under-privileged and arts organisations.  So long as the object is charitable the Trustees will consider any application from a registered charity.

The Trustees’ policy is to pay special regard to applications from Scotland, particularly from parts of Scotland where the local economy and/or circumstances make fund-raising for charitable purposes difficult.

The Trustees consider that grants to large, highly-publicised national appeals are not likely to be as effective a use of funds as grants to smaller and more focussed charitable appeals.

The Trustees also consider that better use of funds can be made by making grants to charitable bodies to assist them with their work, than by making a large number of grants to individuals.  

The Trustees are prepared to enter into commitments over a period of time by making grants in successive years, often to assist in new initiatives which can maintain their own momentum once they have been established for a few years.


No grants will be made to organisations which are not registered charities or non profit making organisations.

How to apply 

All applications should be submitted in PDF format as follows:-

By Please note that the maximum combined size of the application documents is 10MB.

There is no prescribed application form. In your application, you should describe the project, and include a budget, if appropriate, and a copy of the organisation’s latest accounts or up-to-date financial information.


Deadlines for applications

The Trustees meet normally in March, June, September and December. The cut-off-date for applications is normally a month before the meeting date.