A consistent source of sophisticated advice, guiding the family on every aspect of its affairs.

Introduction to TC Family Office 

The origins of the Family Office concept stretch back to the 19th century when early models, focused on managing the affairs of single, wealthy families, emerged on both sides of the Atlantic. The concept has evolved since then and now extends to multi-family offices serving the needs of more than one family.

The term 'Family Office' itself has also evolved over time and now has multiple meanings depending on its context – often with investment as a sole focus. At Turcan Connell, we believe that a Family Office service should offer our clients a great deal more, not only facilitating oversight of investments, but also tax planning, estate planning, advice for entrepreneurs & family business owners, charitable giving and philanthropic services.

A Trusted Counsel 

TC Family Office is built around the principle of ‘trusted counsel’ – a constant source of sophisticated advice, guiding the family on every aspect of their affairs.

We blend tradition with modern thinking to structure the family’s affairs providing absolute peace of mind that all aspects have been considered in depth and from every angle.

Each family receives a service that is personal to them and which integrates the skills of a powerful team of professionals, including leading private client lawyers and specialists in property, tax compliance, tax planning and trust accounting.

How Turcan Connell can help you 

We work alongside external professional advisers such as IFAs and investment managers. This collaborative process means that TC Family Office is able to assist in complex and specialised areas such as long-term saving and investment, retirement planning and tax efficient investment structures such as ISAs, SIPPs and Life assurance bonds. 

Turcan Connell’s partnership structure allows us to provide a mature, continuous service to a family over the years and across the generations. Each family has a dedicated Partner who oversees the service at all times, ensuring the highest quality of stewardship of the family’s affairs.

To find out more about the services we can provide your family, contact one of our specialists today.