Over the past ten years or more, employment tax legislation has become significantly more voluminous and complex as HMRC has sought to counter a plethora of schemes used to mitigate income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) payable on earnings.

Despite the complexity of the law which, in the main, has outlawed the most aggressive tax schemes, reducing employment tax bills remains possible via straightforward, remuneration planning techniques that are not only within the law but also within the spirit of the law.

Tax Advice from Employment Law Specialists

As a leading employment law firm, Turcan Connell employs tax practitioners that are highly experienced in all aspects of employment tax. Working closely with our employment lawyers in Edinburgh, they are able to provide comprehensive advice across the entire gamut of employment-related issues. Regardless of whether you are employed by a multi-national corporation or by your own family company, we can provide specialist employment law advice to help you formulate and implement plans to minimise your income tax and NIC exposure while remaining fully compliant with tax law.

Turcan Connell's areas of expertise include:

  • Tax efficient remuneration and benefits packages
  • Share options and other share schemes
  • Retirement and pension planning
  • Employment status issues
  • Contractual issues Salary sacrifice
  • Termination and redundancy settlements/compromise agreements
  • Internationally mobile executive
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