Top Tips from the TC Trainee Committee on securing a spot in our 2025 Traineeship

The Turcan Connell 2025 Traineeship Application deadline is fast approaching and to support applicants during the application process, our esteemed traineeship committee members have shared their top tips to help support your application to our 2025 Traineeship programme.

Turcan Connell offers an unparalleled opportunity to developing technical excellence. Together our team works with trainees to nurture your talent, grow your knowledge, and guide you toward becoming a well-rounded legal professional.

Tip 1:
Be concise and precise when completing your application form and most of all be yourself in the interview.

Tip 2:
Clearly demonstrate that you understand our work and why you think you're the best candidate.

Tip 3:
Be yourself! An application that reflects the candidate will always stand out as being genuine and engaging, compared with an application that tries to cover what the applicant thinks the reader is looking for.

Tip 4:
Proofread, proofread and proofread once more for luck! Demonstrate your attention to detail in every part of your application.

Tip 5:
Try to be succinct and keep content focused on the role you are applying for; it helps to demonstrate that you have thought the application through.

Learn more about the Turcan Connell Traineeship and submit your application before Friday 15th September.