Turcan Connell Firm Brochure  (1590.8 KB)
18th July 2018

Life is full of challenges, opportunities and, sometimes, unexpected moments. But they’re not the same for everyone – we’re all different. At Turcan Connell, that understanding is central to everything we do for our clients, as it has been since the beginning.

Tax and Succession Brochure  (518.2 KB)
18th July 2018

We are recognised as the leader in our field for tax and succession law. Industry guides refer to our breadth and depth of experience and say there is clear blue water between us and other firms. We are seen as being unfailingly responsive and diligent and as an outstanding firm that provides excellent advice.

Land and Property Brochure  (779.9 KB)
18th July 2018

Today, land and property issues cover an ever-expanding territory of legal expertise. To feel confident your needs are being met, you need a team of specialists that’s able to cover the ground. We offer you access to insight, guidance and years of experience across practically every possible area of sector expertise. From large-scale estate and agricultural issues (including renewables and forestry) to residential property and development land deals, our team’s integrated thinking delivers results – efficiently and cost-effectively.

Turcan Connell Renewables Brochure  (565.1 KB)
18th July 2018

In Scotland, the renewables sector is growing, year on year, with ambitious targets for the future in place. This presents major economic opportunities for anyone with an interest in the sector – landowners, developers, farmers and communities. We can help you realise that potential with our unique multi-disciplinary approach. Our team of specialists has unrivalled sector know-how and has already successfully advised on hundreds of projects, from initial planning, development and leasing through to tax implications, dispute resolution and contract agreements.

Divorce and Family Law Brochure  (507.2 KB)
18th July 2018

Facing separation and divorce is something nobody wants to consider, for a number of reasons. Emotions run high and there can be complex legal, financial and – crucially – family issues to resolve. It calls for calm heads and a dedicated focus on resolving matters in the best interests of everyone involved.

Duties of Trustees Brochure  (314.6 KB)
18th July 2018

As a charity trustee or a director of a charitable company in Scotland, you need to know and understand fully your legal obligations, some of which arise under statute and some under common law. You also need clear advice to ensure that your charity is run as effectively as possible.

Guide to the Charities Act 2005  (933.3 KB)
18th July 2018

The Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 (‘the 2005 Act’) as amended by the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 is the principal Act of the Scottish Parliament governing the regulation of charities in Scotland. This guide to the Act summarises the main provisions of the legislation.

Employment Law Brochure  (448.4 KB)
18th July 2018

Dealing with employment law can be a stressful and complicated business – there are no stock answers. Our team of employment law experts approaches each case with a problemsolving ethos, providing calm and considered counsel, fully up-to-speed with the latest legislation, with the aim of avoiding litigation wherever possible.

Turcan Connell is the leading firm in Scotland dealing with charities and succession law. With many charities now receiving a large proportion of their income in the form of legacies, there is a need for expert, pragmatic advice where disputes arise.

Dispute Resolution Brochure  (420.9 KB)
18th July 2018

Disagreement and dispute is part of life – but the real test is how you respond to these situations. As Scotland’s leading private client firm, our team can provide dispute resolution advice that is specifically tailored to the needs of private clients, trusts, charities and family businesses.

Charities and Philanthropy Brochure  (462.4 KB)
18th July 2018

With the largest charity law team in Scotland working with you, you can feel sure your cause, your challenges and, ultimately, your objectives are all in safe hands.

Turcan Connell Tax Compliance Brochure  (431.6 KB)
18th July 2018

The UK has one of the most complicated tax systems in the world. The complexity of our tax code and the ever-changing rules make the challenge of filing an annual tax return a daunting task for most people.

What is Voluntary Registration?  (143.4 KB)
12th December 2016

Titles to land in Scotland are registered either on the “Sasine Register” or the “Land Register”. The “Sasine Register” is the oldest property register in the world and is a chronological list of title deeds. The “Land Register” was established in 1979, and is an OS map based public register of land. Voluntary Registration is one of the means by which a title can be transferred from the old Sasine Register to the new Land Register.

Do I have to complete a tax return?  (556.2 KB)
2nd August 2016

If you receive a tax return from HMRC then you must complete it – even if you have no further tax to pay – unless HMRC agree to withdraw the tax return.