Turcan Connell is sponsoring the Partnership Award at the upcoming Herald Society Awards.

The award will recognise an outstanding example of collaboration in the public and voluntary sector with entries describing potential partnership work which can really demonstrate the benefits of such an approach for communities or service users.

"It is right to celebrate the work of organisations, staff and volunteers."

Kenneth Pinkerton, Legal Director at Turcan Connell, said: “There are a lot of good reasons to get behind the Society Awards. First and foremost, it is right that we should celebrate the hard work of organisations, their staff and their volunteers over the last 12 months in what has been an extremely challenging year for many.

"But it’s not just about celebrating, it’s also about inspiring others. As we learn what organisations have achieved – and how they have done it – that knowledge and inspiration can be passed on to other institutions who can them use it to bring about more positive change as well.

“The Partnership Award – which Turcan Connell is sponsoring – will hopefully show the many benefits of collaboration in the public and voluntary sectors and inspire others to get involved, to help make a difference.

“What excites me about this event is seeing the passion and energy from those who do make a difference. It’s about learning who is bringing about change for the better and what others can learn from them.”

The award ceremony takes place on Wednesday, Novermber 6 in Glasgow. Tickets can be bought here.