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Succession planning is vital and tax reliefs can help make the process effective | Peter Littlefield and Jack Gardiner in The Herald

Stoked by tales of giant US companies dodging UK taxes through unfair practices, the public mood today tends to tar sensible tax planning with the same brush as dodgy tax...
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Continued Growth at Turcan Connell as the Firm’s Glasgow Team moves across the street

The Firm is more than doubling the size of its Glasgow office due to rising client demand in the city. We already offer our full range of services from 149...
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Scottish Family Business Day 2018: The bedrock of communities and the backbone of the Scottish economy

Scottish family businesses come in all sizes, from all sectors and from all over the region. Many of these firms have been in existence for hundreds of years, passing from...
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Finances on Separation | Noel Ferry in the Sunday Herald

Beyond the emotional impact of separation, many people find that a divorce is a significant financial challenge as they try to make the resources which previously ran one household stretch...
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Children on Separation | Lindsey Ogilvie in the Evening Times

Separation is not only an upsetting and challenging time for adults – it can also be an extremely distressing time for children.