Partners, Gavin McEwan and Alix Storrie, discuss what a trainee can expect from a Turcan Connell Traineeship. Watch Gavin and Alix's video here on the journey of a trainee.

Gavin: "At Turcan Connell, what do we look for in a trainee? We're looking for someone with strong academics but we're looking for someone who has a good life outside of their academic career. People who have good sporting activities, who engage with the third sector, who maybe have a good range of work experience, but we also look for people with a passion for learning. It's really important that they come to us as trainees willing to learn, willing to develop and, ideally, we are looking for people who are really committed to the kinds of work that we do here at Turcan Connell."

Alix: "One of the things we see as important is that we want someone who really wants to build their career here and really integrate and become a part of the firm and that's really important to us.

As a Turcan Connell trainee, you can expect to be exposed to really high quality work and, as part of that, you will have a degree of responsibility from the outset. As you go through your traineeship, you'll have very good support, both from an allocated mentor, as you move through your four different seats, and also from the teams you work with. You will work with, not only other trainees, but you'll work with other solicitors, associates, partners, so you will see the wide range of work that we do at the firm."

Gavin: "Because we have a genuine interest in the development of our trainees, we invest a lot of time in our trainees. So, you'll get good education, you'll get good support and you'll continue to learn throughout your entire traineeship.

After traineeship at Turcan Connell, qualified solicitors can expect to continue their career development through personal and professional training.

We take the view that every young solicitor, every trainee with the firm is a potential partner of the future, so we will continue to encourage trainees to develop, potentially towards partnership level in almost every single case.

Alix and I were both trainees of the firm and we're both partners of the firm and, in fact, the vast majority of the partners, who were assumed after the firm was established, were also trainees here at Turcan Connell."