Heather Walker

At its June meeting the Board of SMN approved the co-option of Heather Walker. Robin Burley, Network Chair commented,"The Board are delighted to welcome Heather to serve as a Trustee. She has done great work in engaging young mediators and her experience as a mediator on the Edinburgh Sheriff Court panel will serve her well." Heather's appointment runs to the AGM in November 2013.

Heather is a Senior Solicitor on the Land and Property Team, working in agricultural law, including contentious matters. Heather is particularly interested in the future of mediation in agricultural law disputes. Shortly after completing the Core Certificate of Competence in Mediation Skills, in June 2008, Heather set up the Young Mediators Group (the"YMG") a group for young professionals wishing to learn more about mediation and to promote its use in their workplace. The YMG now has over 100 members. In the summer of 2010 Heather joined the Edinburgh Sheriff Court Mediation Panel.

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