Q. Our neighbours have built a large shed in their garden, which they have attached along the full length of my garage, bolting the roof and supporting rear posts into the stone. The shed roof line now cuts across the garage window. Not only does this block light, it means I can't paint or replace the window frame. My neighbours say they are entitled to do what they want on their own land. The local planning department has no interest, as the shed didn't' require planning permission. What do you advise?

A Khan, Dumfries & Galloway

A. The fact that the roof blocks light to your garage and access to the window frame is not a legal wrong, unless the title deeds to the property restrict such development. However, by bolting the shed into your garage wall, your neighbour has potentially encroached onto your property. As the shed has already been built, you may be restricted to monetary compensation. Either way, it is important to raise your objection as soon as possible, so that you neighbour cannot claim that you have acquiesced. Take further legal advice.

From The Sunday Times, 7th July 2013

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