In an article in today's Herald, Gillian Crandles comments on the UK Supreme Court's landmark ruling that cohabiting couples should be able to make financial claims on the basis of fairness.

Gillian said:"Although all family law cases are fact-specific to some extent, the judgment may have far reaching implications for all cohabiting couples should their relationship come to an end.

"The judgment also states reference could be made to the prevailing legislation regarding financial provision on divorce, which perhaps goes further than many might have expected.

"Through this judgment, it is becoming clearer that the consequences of ending a relationship may go way beyond emotional turmoil.

"Many of the growing number of cohabiting couples won't be aware of this, which is why a public information campaign now needs to be put in place to educate people.

"Couples who don't want to fall into this type of legal battle in the event of separation ought to put in place a pre-cohabitation agreement, opting out of this regime given its potentially far-reaching consequences."

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