The UK General Election will take place on 8th June 2017.  The main political parties have now published their Party Manifestos in a bid to win voters.  The parties’ stances on Brexit are as follows:-


Conservative Party

 The Conservative Party accepts that the UK is leaving the European Union (EU) and believes that only under Theresa May’s leadership will the best ‘Brexit’ deal be secured for the UK. The Conservatives have published a ‘Great Repeal Bill White Paper’ outlining their approach to the UK’s exit from the EU.


The key manifesto points on Brexit are:-


  • The future relationship between the UK and the EU is to be viewed as a partnership.
  • Immigration is to be controlled and the entitlements of EU nationals in Britain and UK nationals in the EU are to be secured.
  • The Common Travel Area should be maintained and made as frictionless a border as possible for people, goods and services between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Workers’ rights conferred on British Citizens will be maintained.
  • UK will no longer be a member of the Single Market or Customs Union but a new comprehensive free trade and customs agreement will be sought.
  • Final agreement will be subject to a vote in both houses of Parliament.


Green Party

 The Green Party was a strong supporter of the Remain campaign and maintains the view that the UK is better off as part of the EU. The Green Party does not accept a “hard” Brexit or a Brexit from the EU without a deal that is in the interests of the British people.


The key manifesto points on Brexit are:-


  • The right of EU citizens to remain in the UK and of UK citizens to remain in the EU must be guaranteed.
  • Freedom of movement must be protected.
  • The Human Rights Act and UK membership of the European Convention on Human Rights must be defended.
  • Access to Erasmus+ and other EU funding schemes must be protected.
  • Essential workers’ rights collectively agreed by EU member states must be guaranteed.
  • A second referendum on the Brexit deal, with the option to reverse Article 50 if it is not in the interest of the people of the UK, must be held.



 The Labour Party accepts the result of the EU Referendum. Labour has promised that if it forms a government, the UK will continue to work alongside the EU and UK citizens should have the high standard of rights previously afforded to them by EU law. 


The key manifesto points on Brexit are:-


  • To prioritise jobs and living standards guaranteeing existing rights of EU nationals living in Britain and rights for UK citizens living in the EU.
  • To build a close new relationship with the EU as partners in the future.
  • To protect workers’ rights and environmental standards by emphasising the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union.
  • To ensure that workplace protections and environmental standards do not lag behind the EU.
  • To ensure tight rules on national security and criminal justice.


Liberal Democrats

 The Liberal Democrats believe that the UK is stronger as part of the EU and believe that the British people should have a “final say” in the negotiation of the Brexit deal. The Liberal Democrats are keen for UK citizens to continue to have opportunities to live and work in the EU.


The key manifesto points on Brexit are:-


  • To hold a second referendum on the Brexit deal.
  • To protect rights for EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU by simplifying the registration process and requirements to obtain permanent residence in the UK.
  • To maintain membership of the Single Market and Customs Union without custom controls at the EU/UK border.
  • To maintain freedom of movement and protection of the right to travel, work, study and retire across the EU.
  • To maintain opportunities for young people through protection of access to Erasmus+ and other EU funding schemes.


Scottish National Party

 The Scottish National Party (SNP) campaigned for the UK to Remain in the EU. They believe that Brexit should not be “imposed on Scotland”, as a majority of voters in Scotland voted to remain in the EU, they will demand a referendum on the ‘Brexit deal’ and on Scottish independence from the UK.


The key manifesto points on Brexit are:-


  • The SNP are to set out the process by which they consider that Scotland’s membership of the EU could be secured whether or not Scotland has already left the EU as part of the UK.
  • They will demand the abolishing or fundamental reform of the Common Fisheries Policy and support Scottish control of Scottish fisheries.
  • Scotland should remain in the Single Market.
  • The SNP opposes any attempts by the UK government to abolish the Human Rights Act and withdraw the UK from ECHR.


The United Kingdom Independence Party

 The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) believes that the UK’s exit from the EU should have happened more quickly than it already has. UKIP has set out six key “Brexit tests” which they believe the UK Government should fulfil if they are to get the best deal for the UK.


The key manifesto points on Brexit are:-


  • The UK Parliament must resume its role as supreme law-making body, without restriction and completely free of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.
  • The UK must have full control of immigration and asylum policies, and border control. UKIP do not want the UK to be bound by any freedom of movement obligation.
  • Full maritime sovereignty to be restored, taking back control of fisheries.
  • The UK must retake its seat on the World Trade Organisation and to leave the EU Single Market and the Customs Union.
  • No further contributions to be made to the EU budget by the UK.
  • Brexit must take full effect before the end of 2019.