On 18th September 2014, the people of Scotland voted on the future of the country. The No vote will nonetheless lead to change, and here we provide some answers to the questions that you are asking.

If you would like to ask our experts a question on the legal matters raised by the referendum, please send them to 2014referendum@turcanconnell.com and we will endeavour to respond in due course.

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Scotland, Brexit and Devolution

Since the United Kingdom made the decision to leave the European Union (EU) on 23rd June this year, much attention has been given to the different ways in which constituent...

Scotland Bill: Fiscal Framework Update

The UK and Scottish Governments have reached an agreement on the fiscal framework.

Scotland's Future Decided

The result of the referendum is now known and the people of Scotland have voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. We expect that there will now be a...

Scottish Independence Referendum | Financial Services

As the debate enters the final hours, Turcan Connell Asset Management Chief Executive Officer, Alex Montgomery, outlines the potential impact of Scottish independence on financial-services consumers in the rest of...

Timetable for devolution of further powers

A timetable for enhancing the powers of the Scottish Parliament in the event of a No vote in the imminent Scottish Independence Referendum was set out earlier this week by...

Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 | What happens if?

We are receiving a large number of queries in relation to the referendum on Scottish independence and the effect that a Yes or a No vote could have on our...

Referendum Night - how will it work?

The referendum on Scottish independence is now only days away. The campaigns have been hard fought over the past few years all in the lead up to 18th September 2014....

Scotland's Future - The Referendum & Beyond

The referendum on Scottish independence is drawing nearer and the public campaigns are building momentum. Since the announcement of the referendum, we have been commenting on the progress of the...

Currency in an independent Scotland: Video

David Clarke interviews Turcan Connell Asset Management CEO, Alex Montgomery, on the hot topic of currency in an independent Scotland. Watch the full video below. Read the transcript here >>...

Charities and the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum

Gavin McEwan, Partner and Deputy Head of Charities and Simon Mackintosh and Partner, Head of Charities, discuss charities contribution to the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum debate. The regulation of charities...

Individual Savings Accounts

Several changes were announced in relation to Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) last week in the Budget, would these changes also apply to my ISA in an independent Scotland? It was...

Will I benefit from the changes to pensions in an independent Scotland?

Last week, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced some large changes to the way in which pensions will operate from April 2015. At the moment, a pensioner may take 25%...