By Kara McCormick, Summer Intern

As I near the end of my internship, it’s almost strange to think back to how apprehensive I was this time five weeks ago. The thought of working in the Tax and Succession department for six weeks was slightly daunting given that I had no prior tax knowledge, and succession seemed like a distant memory at university. Who knew I’d soon be able to draft a Will and navigate my way through Inheritance Tax forms!

My teams took me in as one of their own and allowed me to settle in really quickly. Everyone is genuinely happy to guide me through unfamiliar tasks or help with any queries I may have. They have been so supportive throughout my time here. A lot of our mentors were once interns themselves, so it’s reassuring to know that they truly understand the stage we are at.

I have been kept busy with an interesting workload. My tasks have ranged from research and letter writing, to the very important ice-lolly run on those especially hot days! I have had the chance to work with everyone in my teams – from trainee to partner, and it is clear that my work is valued by everyone.

My internship has been far from completely work-orientated. Outside the office environment, there have been plenty of fun opportunities to meet people throughout the firm. I’ve been treated to lunches and drinks, played (or at least attempted to) in the weekly hockey matches, and of course attended the Summer BBQ! There is such a friendly ethos here at Turcan Connell, it is clear that the firm cares not only about its clients but also its employees.

I have of course faced challenges over the last five weeks, however I have been equipped with a new skillset to overcome them. I have learned and progressed so much in such a short space of time thanks to the help of my teams and mentor. This experience so far has been invaluable and I’m sure my last week will be no different.