By Alexandra Cook, Summer Intern

I was initially very overwhelmed at the thought of completing an internship with Turcan Connell but after only my first few days, the amazing people and warm welcome I received instantly put me at ease. I have had the opportunity to not only expand my legal knowledge in a practical environment but also grow in confidence, as I have met new people and been able to partake in so many different social events as well as working hard and putting my knowledge to the test.

Working in Tax and Succession is something I am very passionate about and all the team members have given me a vast array of tasks to complete as well as making me feel valued and welcome. Even when I have a copious amount of questions that I may think are obvious to everyone else, each team member has been so happy to help me grow, learn and answer anything I may ask. The experience has not only been invaluable and insightful, but also incredibly fun and I am continually grateful to be where I am and thankful to everyone in the team for being so approachable and friendly.

The sense of community and friendly vibe that surrounds the office has only added to what has so far been a great journey of expanding my knowledge and getting practical experience. I have already gained skills which I will carry with me throughout university and into my legal career and I am so thankful to my mentor, Kirsty, for being not only a tutor but a great support. I cannot wait for the coming weeks to continue working and learning, as well as attending the social events and meeting the many people who make Turcan Connell so great.