By Kirsten Campbell Guion, Summer Intern

I’ve just finished the first year of the accelerated LLB, so really did not know what to expect at all from the summer placement. It’s been all I could hope for and more, and my two weeks so far as a summer intern have really flown by! It’s been an amazing opportunity to be integrated into a real legal team, and such a welcoming firm.

Nearly instantly, it was clear that there had been no reason to be nervous at all. You really aren’t expected to ‘know’ anything at all, and definitely won’t be tested on any of those hard contract cases. It’s all about being open to learning new things.

I can really vouch for this having been placed within the land and property department, an area I won’t study until next year. From the word go, we’ve been handed tasks which go directly towards the work the firm does for clients, which is challenging, varied and incredibly rewarding. From drafting deeds to convey properties and set up powers of attorney – to helping with a Scottish land court case or tracing ownership back through the centuries using original documents – there hasn’t been a quiet moment and the days have passed so quickly.

The firm has an amazingly inclusive atmosphere. We’ve been made to feel really welcome, invited along to all the firm socials such as the summer BBQ in the next couple of weeks, along with a number of events organised to integrate us with each other, our teams and the trainees. It has been emphasised that there are no ‘stupid questions’ – something I found hard to believe by the time I was having the water machine explained to me for the third time, but everyone always genuinely seems happy to help. My mentor has been amazing at answering any questions, and even taking time to explain a lot of background information about land and property law. 

Bring on the next four weeks!