Being aware of, and taking care of, your own wellbeing is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives, usually outwith the office. Attending to your overall wellbeing is more than your mental and physical health (although these are key elements!). Whether it’s your weekly round of golf or yoga class, setting aside time to have a relaxing bath or reading a book, meal-prepping healthy foods, or binge-watching Netflix (trust me, this counts!), taking care of yourself is important.

Employers are becoming increasingly aware that comfortable, healthy and happy employees results in higher morale and productivity around the office. An employer that is concerned about the wellbeing of its employees, cares about its employees.

Since January 2018, Turcan Connell has organised a regular programme of Wellbeing Sessions from external speakers for our employees. These sessions have been extremely well received and are becoming more popular with each session.

2018 saw sessions on embracing possibility and success, a financial health check, tips and tasters from a nutritionist, advice on keeping children safe online and mindfulness training. So far this year, we have engaged in sessions on physical health, caring for elderly family members, building resilience and being more environmentally aware and engaged.

We have a diverse second half of the year planned, with a session on improving your mental health, guidance on priority management and a discussion around death. The Wellbeing Sessions are not just restricted to improving employees’ wellbeing in the office; the topics cover many aspects of life that are relevant to employees’ private and professional lives, in the office and at home.

Our Wellbeing Session programme sits alongside our charity of the year relationship, social calendar and colleague engagement group. Inevitably, these ‘extra-curriculars’ overlap and feed into each other, with the ultimate aim of creating comfortable, healthy and happy employees!