By Louise Walker, Summer Intern

As I am approaching the end of the internship programme, I can begin to reflect upon my time at Turcan Connell.

I am aware that I am the final summer Intern to share their experience and, therefore, I will try to summarise the experience of a summer internship at Turcan Connell.

Having always had a great interest in private client, I was excited at the prospect of a six week placement at Turcan Connell and to experience this area of law in practice. After attending Turcan Connell’s Aberdeen ‘Cocktail Masterclass Internship Insight Evening,’ it was evident that the firm strives to provide for both their clients and their employees. As the Insight events are a great way to meet the solicitors, I strongly recommend attending one if you are interested in applying for the summer placement or simply want to gain an understanding of the firm’s ethos. After five weeks of working at the firm, I can honestly say that the initial friendly and approachable nature of the solicitors I encountered at these events is a true reflection of the firm.

Daily work

On the first day of my internship, I was placed in Grierson Dunlop and Niall Stringer’s Land and Property team. With a somewhat vague memory of ‘positive prescription’ and ‘servitudes’ from second year property law lectures, I would be lying if I said that I was not slightly daunted at the prospect of dealing with rural property matters. However, after meeting my team, I was quickly put at ease by their approachable nature. Over the past five weeks, my team have ensured that I have felt an integral part of the team and have assured me that there is no such thing as a silly question (although, I am still not convinced by this!).

At the beginning of the internship each Intern was assigned a mentor in their team to act as a contact point for feedback and to ensure that the Intern is given an appropriate amount of work. I am so grateful for the time that both my mentor and my team have dedicated to explain anything that I have been unsure of and to ensure that the work that I have been given reflects my ability. Outwith my team, after expressing an interest in other areas of the firm, solicitors from various departments have been more than willing to meet with me to discuss what the work in their department entails. 

Turcan Connell’s Social Life

Alongside the invaluable legal experience you acquire as an Intern, the array of social and sporting activities that I have attended with the firm is far beyond what I could ever have expected. By the end of my first day, my calendar was already filling up with invites ranging from the infamous summer BBQ, weekly hockey matches and a touch rugby match (after hastily signing up I have to say I was not too disheartened when this was rescheduled…). Playing hockey every week has been a great way to get to know my colleagues outside the office environment and, most importantly, the games are always scheduled so everyone is home in time to watch Love Island.

Overall, my experience at Turcan Connell has proved both a rewarding and fun experience. Not only have I gained an insight into practicing law in a leading private client firm, I have also enjoyed the extra-curricular activities that the firm has offered. I can speak on behalf of all the interns when I say that we have been so fortunate to have had this experience and, if you are in our position in the future, make the most of all that the firm has to offer and I can assure you that you will enjoy it.