Over the past six weeks, our group of eight summer interns have experienced life as a Turcan Connell trainee. Here, they each reflect on their time spent at the firm.

Sarah McDonald

“I have had a great six weeks with Turcan Connell working in Peter Littlefield and Tom Duguid’s Tax and Succession team and Gavin McEwan’s Charities team. Having my mentor and team guide me through my time here has been invaluable. The Firm ensures you leave eager to commence your legal career as they show you what life is really like as a private client lawyer. From drafting Wills, attending client meetings and conducting vital research, no two days have been the same. Reflecting upon my time at Turcan Connell, I have thoroughly enjoyed being in an environment where people love the work that they do. The work-life balance is great, with many lunches and events occurring over the six weeks which made me feel like I was valued within the firm. The tight-knit community and friendly atmosphere has only added to what has been a very enjoyable summer internship.”

Georgia Chalmers

“When I first started my six week internship at Turcan Connell, I thought I knew what was in store. However, my experience here has been different from what I expected in so many ways. After six weeks, I feel I’ve had a real insight into how the firm operates and can see why they are the leading private client firm in Scotland. Although challenging at times, the experience I’ve gained here has been extremely interesting and I’m really grateful for being given the opportunity.”

Alannah McPhee

“I have learnt so much throughout my time at Turcan Connell. Everyone here has been accommodating and more than happy to help whenever I had a question or needed a hand. As someone who was undecided about becoming a solicitor, it has really helped me make an informed decision. The exposure to real legal work throughout my time here has been invaluable, I am grateful that I have had such a broad scope of work. My six weeks here have really given me an insight into what it’s like to work for Turcan Connell. If anyone is undecided about a future as a solicitor, I highly recommend the summer internship here as it has really opened my eyes to what the law is like in practice. I have gained so much experience and I am grateful to be a part of the team.”

Kirstin Bamford

“I cannot thank everyone at Turcan Connell enough for being so welcoming during my internship. The placement has been such a great experience and has given me a real insight into how the law is applied in practice. My six weeks with Turcan Connell have shown me that the day-to-day work of a lawyer is far more stimulating than learning the theory at university. I feel as if my communication skills have improved as has my attention to detail in drafting documents, to name a few of the things I have learnt during my internship. Not only do I think these skills will aid me in my future legal career, but such skills would undoubtedly help in any employment context. This is why I would recommend applying for an internship with Turcan Connell, even if you are not convinced a future in law is for you.”

India Carruthers

“Six weeks ago, I wouldn’t have believed how much I would learn and be able to do by the end of my internship at Turcan Connell. You become part of the Firm quickly and are given real legal work from day one. I was placed in Louise Johnston and Jon Robertson’s Land and Property team and, despite not yet having studied property at university, am now drafting full Title Deeds, liaising with Estate Agents and applying to register property, to name a few. Everyone in my team has been very welcoming and approachable and given me a wide variety of work, particularly my mentor, Marisa, who has been a great support and open ear for all my questions. From playing summer hockey, to the annual barbecue to lunches with the trainees, the social side of working at Turcan Connell made my time here even more enjoyable. I feel like I have a real insight into what it would be like to be a Trainee at Turcan Connell – it’s a bit surreal this is our last week here and we’re going back to university in a few weeks. I am very grateful for my experience here and have no doubt that the skills I have learned during my internship at Turcan Connell will be instrumental throughout my legal career and in other aspects of my life.”

Anna McCorquodale

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a part of both Alix Storrie and Donald Simpson’s teams in the Tax and Succession department of Turcan Connell. All team members have provided me with a variety of tasks which has made me feel like part of the team and that my work has been valued. I can’t believe the amount that I have learned in the past six weeks and I feel a real sense of achievement when I compare the standard of my work in week one compared to week six. I initially thought that I was going to be very much out of my depth, but not one person at Turcan Connell has made me feel like that as everyone is more than happy to answer any question I had (which was a lot at the start). I feel lucky to have experienced working at Turcan Connell and would recommend it to anyone looking to apply for an internship as Turcan Connell is a very friendly environment to work in, and I am leaving with so much more knowledge than I had when I began.”

Louise Walker

“Undertaking an internship is undoubtedly an exciting, yet daunting prospect for any law student. Fortunately, within the first few days of my internship the inevitable fears I held were quickly dispelled. During my time at the Firm, I have been given the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of matters and it is this quality of work that has meant that I am continuously expanding my knowledge and improving my practice. In addition, the welcoming nature of Firm is reflected through the vast array of activities and training that all of the interns have been invited to. From hockey matches to drinks with the trainees, my experience has extended far beyond enhancing my legal knowledge. For those looking to apply to Turcan Connell for a summer placement, I strongly recommend visiting Turcan Connell at your law fair and I wish you the best of luck with your application.”

Loris MacDonald

“I have found a spare five minutes in between my daily list of tasks and before our farewell lunch to put some words to paper. This pretty much sums up my experience at Turcan Connell: it has been a fast-paced, learning-packed, fun-filled six weeks which has gone in a blink. From drafting HMRC returns, amending Wills, volunteering at the World Down Syndrome Congress to rolling around in a bubble, no two days have been the same. I will be walking away on Friday with a wealth of new knowledge and experience that will be invaluable whatever the future holds. But not only this, I will be leaving with a whole bunch of new friends and a heavy-heart for having to leave team IRC behind. I can’t thank everyone enough for making my time here so enjoyable and stimulating and I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of the firm.”