By Anna McCorquodale, Summer Intern

Having returned home from studying abroad in Sydney for a year on a Saturday, I felt extremely unprepared to start as an intern in Turcan Connell the following Monday.

I spent the Sunday afternoon reading all the other ‘life as an intern’ blogs on Turcan Connell’s website and was terrified when I learned that previous interns had been doing proper work from week one rather than merely photocopying. I felt clueless.

However, my attitude was changed immediately as I felt so welcomed by everyone at the Firm from the get go. After we met our teams, we sat on the meadows for lunch with the second year trainees who put me at ease when they spoke about their experience of being summer interns at Turcan Connell. Ever since, I have been warmly welcomed by everyone in both Donald Simpson and Alix Storrie’s Tax and Succession teams, where I have been placed for the six weeks.

I can’t quite believe that I’m almost finished my fourth week already as it has flown by. In this time I have been assigned a huge variety of tasks including drafting wills, carrying out legal research for other team members, summarising Charity Trust applications, and drafting letters to various recipients. On top of this, I have also attended client meetings and carried out follow up work which was extremely exciting for me, as I felt like my work was valued and important in helping the client. The summer internship truly does allow for an insight into the reality and practicality of legal practice.

One aspect of the internship that has stood out to me is taking part in TCPD whereby we had to give group presentations on the work of one department within Turcan Connell, alongside Trainees. I was terrified when we found this out as presentations are not my strong point. However, when it was over I was really glad that we did it as you can only improve with practice and it wasn’t something that I expected to do during my internship. It also allowed us to gain an insight into the work of another department within Turcan Connell, expanding our knowledge on the firm.

Many social events have been organised to ensure that the interns feel part of the firm. I have played hockey with Turcan Connell every Wednesday, attended lunches with my teams and am looking forward to dinner with the trainees this Friday. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the opportunities that we have been given to interact with people across the firm.

The summer internship so far has been extremely helpful for me as it has confirmed that I am eager to pursue a legal career. This is because during the internship, you experience first-hand the work of a leading private client legal firm, and every day has been different so it is never boring.  I very much look forward to the remaining two weeks of my internship.