By India Carruthers, Summer Intern

I’m now reaching the half way point of my Summer Internship with Turcan Connell and I can’t believe how quickly time is passing!

On the very first day I met my mentor and the rest of my team within Land and Property. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming which has really made it easier to find my feet quickly. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that this friendly atmosphere has been their impression of Turcan Connell too (I felt it back at my interview in January!) and it makes a huge difference to the work environment. Straight after our induction where we met people from all over the firm, I was at my desk getting involved in real work. Even as interns, we are given jobs that support the rest of our team and relate directly to the clients.

I’ve drafted applications to register title deeds; researched whether you have a right to dock your boat on someone’s land in order to reach an island you own; plotted the boundary of an estate on a map based on a handwritten description from the 14th century and drafted an offer letter to name a few!

I have also had the opportunity to work with everyone in the team – from first year trainee to Partner – from early on and learn more of what their day-to-day entails and their areas of interest and expertise. As I am between first and second year of the accelerated LLB, I didn’t have any prior knowledge in Land and Property but everyone I’ve worked with has taken the time to explain the context behind whatever they are working on which helps me see where the work I’m doing fits in to the client’s situation. I have been learning every day which will, in turn, help me greatly with my studies at university.

I’ve joined in on team meetings and a whole Land and Property Department meeting, both of which gave me a wider perspective on the work Turcan Connell deals with and all the legislation and topical issues that arise that the lawyers are continually keeping up with and adapting to.

There have also been many opportunities to get to know the firm and its people outside of our teams. Last week I joined the Trainee CPD session and worked with two trainees and another intern from different departments to give a presentation on Charity Law, another of Turcan Connell’s specialist areas. On Wednesday nights I’ve been donning the purple strip to play in Turcan Connell’s summer hockey team. The squad is very relaxed and encouraging so it’s an ideal way to get to know people you wouldn’t necessarily come into contact with in the office.

My time at Turcan Connell has been very sociable. Lunches were arranged both with our teams and with the first year trainees so we could get to know everyone better. We also attended one of the big events of the year on Friday night – the annual summer barbecue!

In the first half of my internship I’ve learned so much and I really feel like I know what it would be like to be a full-time part of the team here. I hope the second half will be just as enjoyable!