By Kirstin Bamford, Summer Intern

Like many students, while I have found studying law at university stimulating, I knew working at a large commercial firm was not going to be for me.

As a result, I was delighted to be offered a Summer Internship at Turcan Connell, Scotland’s leading private client firm.

How I Became a Summer Intern

My place as an intern was offered on the back of an online application followed by an interview with two Partners. Although the prospect of an interview with two very successful Partners was daunting, within minutes I was put at ease. My interviewers could not have been friendlier and, after my first week, I can confidently say the approachable and kind nature of the Partners in my interview is reflected in every individual I have met in the firm so far. I was very pleased to be placed within the Divorce and Family Law team – an area of law I have always had a particular interest in.

After my first week, it was clear that Turcan Connell really care about the people who work for them. From lunch with the trainees and dinner within our departments, to a hockey match against another firm, there was a sense everyone should feel included as a member of the team.

The Work I Have Been Doing

From the outset, it was clear Turcan Connell really value the interns. Rather than just being assigned monotonous photocopying tasks or being instructed to staple document after document, I have already been given a real insight into the work of a family lawyer. I am experiencing this through my role of doing the daily court run. Moreover, I was asked to do some research into the division of property and was pleasantly surprised that this tied in with the weeks we had spent learning about the Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985. With the vast quantity of information you receive as part of a law degree, it can be difficult to know which elements will actually be put into practice! Therefore, it is rewarding that after one week, I have been able to apply some of the theoretical knowledge we have been given.

Looking Forward

Naturally, I started off the week tentative as to what to expect as an intern. However, I soon realised that being surrounded by such a supportive group of people, there was nothing to worry about and I am excited as to what challenges I will face in the remaining five weeks at Turcan Connell.