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Judge rules on children's surnames

On 11th August 2017, an action was raised whereby a separated father and mother each sought specific issue orders that their children be known by their respective surnames.
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The Great British Break Up

Paul Hollywood and his wife Alexandra announced this week that their marriage has come to an end. Tabloid headlines are filled with speculation as to the reasons for the couple’s...
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The Changing Landscape of Scottish Taxes: An Update

We are all now familiar with the fact that there are Scottish Taxes. The first actual impact of these taxes was not until the introduction of Land and Buildings Transaction...
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Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Deadline Approaching for Trusts, Charities and Companies

What is an LEI? A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character alphanumeric reference code unique to each legal entity. Who needs one? Generally speaking, legal entities or structures including...
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Hearing the Voice of a Child

The legal system of England and Wales has been in the news recently, with a spotlight shone on the children caught up in bitter disputes between their parents, or between...