By Hannah Clark, Summer Intern

Umbrellas, pens and water bottles. The first morning of Turcan Connell started out with a bag full of purple goodies and leaflets. This would soon become a tool kit and guide to the next six weeks. Although the first morning was nerve-wracking, it was clear from the start that everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

The first few days of inductions seemed a little overwhelming as there were lots of things to learn and a lot of information to absorb. However, they gave plenty of useful tips and advice. We also received presentations from all the different departments within the firm, which was a great way to gain a better understanding of how the overall firm operates. This was particularly helpful as each intern is allocated one seat for the entire six weeks, mine being Tax and Succession. Having only one seat ensures we can properly integrate into our teams and get acquainted with the work of our department, while the input we had from other teams ensured we learned a bit more about the firm as a whole.

The work involved in the internship has been very varied. This has ranged from research tasks, letter drafting and telephone calls in the first few weeks to more complex tasks such as setting up deposit accounts, registering power of attorneys and Will Reviews.  Some elements of the work have been more challenging than I expected especially getting acquainted with the firm’s client database and iManage system. However, everyone has been extremely helpful and is always willing to answer any questions you may have and offer support whenever you might need it.

Most importantly, the work involved has helped me explore a different side of the law. It has highlighted just how different practicing law is from learning substantive law as we do at university. This broader awareness of the practical side of the law has been very insightful and will prove valuable in any future career.

One thing that has been clear from the start is that Turcan Connell is a very inclusive and sociable firm. From arranging weekly internship drinks and introductory team lunches to inviting us to the Summer BBQ we have had plenty of opportunities to get to know our teams, learn more about the firm and of course, make great friends with the other interns. One event that was particularly useful was the intern-trainee lunch which set our minds at ease. It was a really good chance to ask questions about the traineeship application process and find out what is involved in the work of a trainee here at Turcan Connell.

In our first week we were also invited along to ‘Business Bites’. This was an event held by the Business Law Team providing the rest of the firm with an update on the type of work they’ve been undertaking in recent months. This was a great way to learn about the work of another department and was a really sociable evening  (not to mention there was lots of good wine and canapés).

The first couple of weeks here have been challenging but equally as rewarding and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what other tasks and events we will be involved in the next few weeks to come.