By Sean McEntee, Summer Intern

I am currently a graduate LLB student at the University of Edinburgh, having just completed the first year of my legal studies. Given that I had naturally gravitated toward the nature of private client work, I applied to Turcan Connell because of its clear reputation as Scotland’s premier private client law firm.

I have, therefore, not been surprised by the quality of work to which I have been exposed, but have been surprised by just how friendly the firm is. A testament to this is that after just over four weeks, I already feel at home within the firm. I have been placed in the tax and succession team, while also exposed to some charity work. One might assume that this work, especially tax and succession, may be unexciting or mundane. In fact it has been very much the opposite. Almost all the work has a strong personal aspect attached to it – meaning the task you are helping with is having a very direct and often lasting impact on the client.

My team take great pride and diligence in their work; however the atmosphere is one which is relaxed and often actually fun. I can say without fear of contradiction that there has never been a morning in which I dread walking into work, even with the Edinburgh weather. I have the inclusiveness of my team to thank for this. It is clear that this atmosphere is reflected firm wide. There is a definite feeling of openness and honestly at Turcan Connell. This has two effects. Firstly, I feel like I can ask anyone a question regarding a piece of work or something more generally, and secondly if I do make a mistake, I know that I will get constructive feedback.

Having heard from past summer students that the firm is a sociable place, I was still surprised just how sociable it actually has been. Every Friday there has been intern/trainee drinks, as well as numerous team lunches. I have also got involved with Wednesday night hockey, where the firm play other Edinburgh based law firms and businesses. All this has allowed me to get to know people throughout the firm in a far more relaxed environment. Finally, on Friday we had the annual Turcan Connell BBQ.

I would recommend Turcan Connell to anyone who enjoys building meaningful relationships with both colleagues and clients, in a firm which is ambitious and successful, but also very much focused on the individual, be that client or staff. It is a place where I have felt challenged and excited professionally, but also personally very content. It is hard to think what more you could ask for from an internship.