By Brynhild Weihe, Summer Intern 

Although the first week was mostly about getting introduced to the firm as a whole, by the end of the day I had already been given my own task complete. This ensured that my expectations were high from the very start, and as it turns out I was not to be disappointed.  Somehow we are now already four weeks into the internship when it really seems like we’ve only just started.

To start with, I was a bit worried about being placed in the tax and succession seat, having studied neither subject in my time doing the graduate LLB at University so far. Now I am really glad to have been placed outside of what I thought was my comfort zone. Everyone is quick to ask if there is anything I am unsure of, and happy to teach me more about the different parts of the law that apply. Four weeks in, I’m finding I ask fewer questions every day as it all becomes more familiar, and I can do a lot of the work on my own. I can now honestly say that this area of the law, particularly succession, is an area I am very interested in.

So far every day has been different, and I have been lucky enough to be assigned a wide variety of jobs to do. From drafting Wills and Powers of Attorneys to doing legal research for clients by searching through books, statutes and case law, I feel that I am constantly developing new skills while also getting excited to apply what I have learned so far in my degree. Apart from this, I’ve also gotten to do some more creative work by writing a couple of blog entries for the Constitutional Issues page of the website. It became very clear from the start that we wouldn’t be given menial tasks just for the sake of it, but instead are doing real work that helps both us and the firm.

The people at Turcan Connell are quick to make you feel involved in the team as a whole. I have been invited to team meetings as well as lunches, and have worked with so many different people that have all been nothing but nice and welcoming. We are assigned a mentor from the start who checks in with you regularly to make sure everything is going well, and additionally we also get to work closely with the trainees, which gives us a real insight into what our lives might be like soon.

At the end of every week, the firm always invites us all along for Friday drinks where we all get to catch up and meet people from outside of our teams. Last week the partnership kindly offered to arrange for an external lunch for us and the first year trainees, and this Friday we’ve all got the annual summer barbeque to look forward to. The social nature of the firm has been one of the best parts of this internship, and although I don’t want it to end, I very much look forward to seeing what events and new tasks the next couple of weeks have to offer.