By Ailsa Smith, Summer Intern

Having applied to the Turcan Connell summer internship program based on the enthusiasm of their representatives at the Glasgow law fair, I was expecting (or maybe just hoping) to find myself spending the summer holidays in a friendly and social environment.

TC has vastly exceeded my expectations. The genuine friendliness and inclusivity of the firm has been mentioned in previous blogs, but I feel I have to reiterate it. Today I found a print off of a meme tucked away deep in a box of files I was inventorying – a sure sign that someone else had faced the huge pile of documents with the same trepidation that I had. That said, working in one of the Land and Property teams has been an incredibly interesting experience, and I know that I will leave TC with a much better understanding of private client work really entails. On Friday the interns and the first year trainees were sent out to lunch together, which provided us with a great opportunity to ask questions and get a better idea of what life at TC is really like, away from the office environment.

The emphasis throughout the firm on building lasting relationships with clients means that a meeting can feel more like a catch up with an old friend than a simple legal transaction. I’ve also been exposed to the diversity of work that takes place in Land and Property, doing everything from drafting my first disposition for the sale of a house, to dealing with Registers of Scotland, to reading through old title deeds to try and establish ownership over a piece of land. I think the highlight of my time with TC so far was the feeling of triumph when my first application to Registers of Scotland was accepted without a hitch.

Staying with a single team for the entire placement has allowed me to learn enough about Land and Property to begin to complete some tasks independently and be given larger projects, as well as affording me the opportunity to get to know my team really well. Land and Property has always been my area of interest, but I am also aware that I am gaining a different skill set from the interns in Tax and Succession or Family Law. Turcan Connell counteracts this specialisation with events like Business Bites and lunchtime workshops which allow all of the staff to learn about different aspects of the business. Today I attended a workshop on Charities, an area of the law which I had never really considered before.