By Calum Whyte, Summer Intern

I am now in my third week of my Summer Internship with Turcan Connell, and it’s been an excellent experience so far. I am a member of Louise Johnston and Jon Robertson’s Land and Property team. Despite only just reaching the half-way point of my internship, I already feel settled into the team as a result of the warm welcome and support from those around me.

Land and Property is an area of law that I have not studied before, having only finished my first year on the accelerated LLB. However, it has been an engaging area of law that I have thoroughly enjoyed and my lack of knowledge in this area of law has not held me back thanks to the help from my team. This willingness to help and support each other has been an outstanding feature of Turcan Connell.

In terms of the content of the work so far it has been varied and challenging. Everyday offers something different with tasks for different clients all with varying circumstances. I’ve spent time drafting letters, emails and offers, which has provided me with an insight into the mind of a lawyer in action. Working with title deeds, which involves delving into boxes of documents some of which are over 100 years old, has been another interesting task. In addition, I’ve researched a number of specific legal questions over the first couple of weeks, which has highlighted the practical importance of research as a skill and has pushed me to think outside of the box. I was also able to spend a morning at the Sheriff Court with a member of the litigation team gaining an insight into working in a court.

Overall, the work has really brought to life the exciting possibilities of a career in law in the future. After a year spent studying the theory of law, it has been refreshing to experience law in practice. In particular, the possibility to help individuals and families in a practical way has been really enjoyable and satisfying.

In addition to the compelling work, there has also been a strong social side to life at Turcan Connell, with a number of opportunities to meet others from around the firm. As interns we’ve been treated to welcome lunches and Friday night drinks. This has provided me with an opportunity to hear of experiences in different areas of law and gain an insight into life during different stages of a legal career. Taking part in the Turcan Connel hockey team on Wednesdays has also been a great opportunity. I’ve enjoyed the experience of playing hockey for the first time and meeting people at the firm in a more relaxed environment.  This social element underlines the friendly culture that exists at Turcan Connell.

So far it has been a fantastic experience and time is flying by. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the work and everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. I look forward to seeing what the next few weeks have in store.