By Katherine Becher, Summer Intern

Walking through the doors on my first day at Turcan Connell, I cannot deny that I was nervous. Having only done a year of the Graduate LLB, the thought of entering such a prestigious firm was fairly daunting.  However, that feeling quickly evaporated from the very warm welcome that we received from every member of staff over the first few days at ‘TC’.

Turcan Connell prides itself on being an open and supportive community, something that I have definitely felt part of during my time here. I have spent the past four weeks in the Divorce and Family team, and I could not be more grateful to them for giving me so many varied opportunities to get involved. Everyone is approachable and enthusiastic – even on my first day, I felt like I was already one of the team. They are also clearly passionate about their field, which makes learning from them all the more enjoyable. I really appreciate the time and care that they take to make sure I understand, and for putting up with all my questions! They have taught me so much about the law in practice; I have done one course of Family Law at University, but my time here has really opened my eyes to the dynamic nature of Family Law ‘in the real world’.

The variety of tasks that my team has given me has really enhanced this. I’ve spent time shadowing in the Court of Session, drafted letters and emails, sat in on client meetings and prepared files for court. I’ve made calls across the country, and been involved in wider research projects that have allowed me to study aspects of law from jurisdictions all over the world. Suffice to say, I now know the process for drafting a bill under Californian state law and can tell you the French term for a ‘lodging right’! A particular highlight has been the court run; every day we have new tasks that have to be completed in relation to ongoing or proposed motions and I have yet to experience the same thing twice! All these tasks have developed my skills and given me real insight into the day to day life of a solicitor at Turcan Connell.

There have also been numerous social events that have allowed us to connect with people from the different practice areas across Turcan Connell. Having played hockey at school, I joined the hockey team, which has been a useful way to meet colleagues from other practice areas in a more relaxed and open setting. There have also been team lunches, trainee and intern networking events and tonight is the Summer Barbecue, the social event of the summer that we are all looking forward to!

I’m sure that if the next two weeks are as good as the last four, it’s going to be impossible to leave on our last day, and so I must say a great big ‘thank you’ to everyone for making this experience so interesting and enjoyable!