Turcan Connell prepares Voluntary Registration applications of titles to land in Scotland for a wide variety of individuals, charities, partnerships, trusts, farmers and estates and can assist you with the preparation of Voluntary Registration of your property.

 Rona Macdonald, the Head of Turcan Connell’s Land Registration Unit says: “Registers of Scotland has been asked by the Scottish Ministers to complete the Land Register by 2024. One of the ways in which it is envisaged that this will be achieved is by “Voluntary Registration”. This allows the owner of a property to apply to have their title moved to the Land Register at any time.” 


The benefits of a title registered in the Land Register include:


  • Title boundaries plotted on to the OS map.
  • Accuracy and certainty as to ownership extent.
  • State backed title guarantee.
  • Easier property management.
  • Reducing costs and delays of future transactions.


The benefits of registering your title in the Land Register by Voluntary Registration include:


  • Attending to registration at a time and pace convenient to you.
  • Inputting your knowledge of your property into the registration process.
  • Simplifying a farm/estate title and avoiding piecemeal registration.


 Taking steps now to Voluntary Register the title to your property may avoid pressure later on as the 2024 target date for completion of the Land Register approaches.

 Building on their experience of dealing with complex rural, farm and estate titles, Turcan Connell has set up a dedicated Land Registration Unit to deal with Voluntary Registration applications.

 There will be a number of factors which will have a bearing on whether or not Voluntary Registration is appropriate for your property and when an application for Voluntary Registration should be submitted.

 Please contact Turcan Connell at LRU@turcanconnell.com for further information.

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