Janette Howard, partners secretary at Turcan Connell, organised a collection in the office for the Edinburgh SW Foodbank. Janette has written of the success of this year's collection below.

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition at Turcan Connell for a Foodbank collection to take place at Christmas. This year was no different with a great response from everyone. In addition to the boxes of food collected, toys were also donated which were given to Gorgie Salvation Army Toy Appeal (who also run the Foodbank). The food was made into parcels which included many Christmas treats and delivered as an “extra” to the usual basic food parcel given to anyone in need. As a result of these donations, many individuals and families were able to have a more joyful Christmas this year. 

The toys donated formed part of the Children’s Christmas service at Gorgie Salvation Army in which Santa arrived as expected. Unexpectedly, however, were the queues of children waiting in line to GIVE a present to Santa rather than the expected present from him!  Each child passing a bag of toys etc. to Santa and each child eagerly asking that “their” presents should go to a child who needed it more than them! 

 It is a sad fact that there are many children in our community who would not receive a toy at Christmas without donated toys and many individuals and family would go hungry at Christmas without the generosity of people like the staff of Turcan Connell. At a time when there is so much abundance and excess it is good to know that some people are still willing to give rather than receive. Thank you again to everyone at Turcan Connell for being so generous.


Foodbank Collection