Turcan Connell was delighted to sponsor this year’s Varsity Sports Tournament hosted by Edinburgh University. Laura Fairgrieve, Vice President of the Edinburgh University Law Society, has written of the success of the event below.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, the Edinburgh Law sports teams were joined by Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee for Turcan Connell Varsity 2016.


First up was hockey. It was hard fought for all teams. The scoreboard, changes to the schedule, or even missing players did not stop all teams from sprinting up the field towards their next goal every chance they got. Good sportsmanship was seen through teams sharing both players and hockey sticks. Supporters and spectators cheered. The spirit of sport was felt in the air. In the end, victory was handed to Edinburgh, the team who went undefeated.


Football was up next. A hard fought round robin tournament saw Glasgow and Edinburgh meet in the final. Welcomed onto the pitch, the tension from the offset was palpable. A cagey first few minutes saw both teams cancelling out each other's advances. Midway through the first half Glasgow began to assert their dominance and after establishing an early lead, never looked back. Despite Edinburgh’s efforts, Glasgow ran away 10-2 winners.


After a cool morning outside, it was a welcomed change to move into the relative warmth of the Edinburgh University Centre of Sport and Exercise (CSE). As we arrived, the Aberdeen basketball team were already warming up. The netball teams arrived shortly and it wasn’t long until the first game was underway. Edinburgh v Aberdeen saw Edinburgh putting points on the board time and time again and despite a foul play by the Edinburgh mid, the Edinburgh game proved too much and more points followed, resulting in a 16-0 win. The next match saw Edinburgh get off to a great start again. Dundee however, proved to be made of stern stuff. Their defence continued to make things hard for Edinburgh but the second half saw Edinburgh strengthen their lead and end the game 9-1. The third and final match between Dundee and Aberdeen saw a fight for 2nd place and the all-important overall points. The two sides were very evenly matched but the Dundee attack proved to be too strong and they secured a win of 4-0.


Basketball followed with the first match, Edinburgh v Glasgow. The Glasgow team set a punishing pace but Edinburgh eventually came out on top, 24-14. Next up was Aberdeen v Dundee, with Aberdeen dominating all the way through and taking the win. Glasgow v Dundee then saw the 3rd place go to Dundee. The final then followed with Aberdeen v Edinburgh. The whole game was nail biting, with it being a draw and equal points throughout the match. In the last minute Aberdeen eventually took the lead and the title. The level of talent in this sport was something else, with even the referee being stunned by the level of the players’ abilities.

Rugby Sevens

As basketball came to a close at CSE, the rugby sevens competition got underway at Peffermill. The event was fiercely contested by all the universities bar Dundee who, unfortunately, failed to muster enough players. The first showdown saw Aberdeen and Glasgow face off, with the latter running out convincing winners in a high scoring game at 30-10. After a short break Glasgow kicked off again, this time against the hosts. Despite trailing at half-time, Edinburgh fought back to claim a hard earned 20-5 win meaning victory over Aberdeen would secure them the top spot in the event. The Edinburgh boys, also known as the Law Blacks, were not complacent after defeating their historic rivals and dusted themselves off before facing Aberdeen in the final match-up. The hosts ran out 20-0 winners thanks to a dominant display from their pacey backline, which secured them overall victory in the sport.

A great day was had by both competitors and spectators, with great sportsmanship and morale shown by all teams. A light hearted game of Ultimate Frisbee was a perfect end to the day with Edinburgh coming out on top overall as the Varsity 2016 champions.