Our summer interns look back at the past six weeks spent working at Turcan Connell and provide helpful advice for prospective interns.

Now that our Summer Internship at Turcan Connell is coming to an end we wanted to share our experience and explain a little about our time here as well as the application process.

1. The Application and Interview Process

As much as we all wanted a summer placement, we all dreaded that moment when we pressed submit on our application forms as it was officially out of our hands. To hopefully ease the process for prospective interns, we want to share some tips that really helped us when it came to both the online application form and the interview.

With the application, the most important thing is to take your time (but of course, be mindful of the deadline!) Make sure you are happy with your answers whilst being honest and concise. Remember that no one expects you to have lots of legal experience, so be sure to draw on all your life experiences. Lastly, print out a copy of your completed application so you can be fully prepared for any follow up questions at the interview. The chances are you probably won’t remember what you wrote a few months earlier!

For the interview, don’t be afraid to show your personality. The interviewers are interested in hiring you and want to get to know you. Also, do your research but don’t overthink the questions; answer honestly and as yourself.

2. Induction and Training

Our first two days of the internship were full of lots of helpful inductions and training sessions to help ease us into the way of the firm and calm a lot of the nerves we had at the start. These included sessions on using the phone, the client database and the Word system at the firm. In addition, we had meetings with members from many of the different support teams such as Finance, IT, Marketing, Office Services and even the librarian!

This was a great way to start our time at Turcan Connell as all of these people were taking time out of their day to train us which made us feel like a valuable part of the team from the beginning. It was also good to have a familiar face and point of contact in all parts of the office. This was the most time that we spent together as interns (apart from our lunches and social events!) and so it acted as a nice icebreaker and allowed us to get to know each other well.

3. Mentor

On day one you will be assigned a mentor. They are responsible for appraising your time at Turcan Connell and helping you grow within the short time you have at the firm. Throughout each week you will fill in a feedback form to show the different tasks that you have completed and the skills you have learnt from these. At the end of the week you will have a meeting with your mentor to discuss these and find out any feedback that fee earners have given on the tasks you have accomplished. This is an opportunity to consider your strengths and weaknesses and on how you can improve as time goes on. It is also a chance to discuss fields of work you have a particular interest in and arrange to try and do more work in these areas. At the end of the six weeks, you will receive an overall review on your internship. The notes from each mentor meeting will then be used as evidence of your progress if you apply for a traineeship. We have all found these meetings very useful and a clear demonstration of the time and effort that Turcan Connell puts into its interns.

4. Social Life

Being at Turcan Connell for six weeks gives you the opportunity to get to know your colleagues not only on a professional level, but also a personal one. This makes day-to-day office life so much more enjoyable and really makes you feel like part of the team.

We can honestly say that everyone within the firm has been so welcoming and kind. There have been numerous social events to get involved in from Friday drinks to more elaborate affairs such as the Summer BBQ. It has proven worthwhile to go along to as many social events as possible to meet people of all different levels of the firm, from Trainees to Partners. The social events are what really shaped our internship and we will really miss them when we’re gone!


All in all, we have truly enjoyed every day of our placement. No two days have been the same and the six weeks have flown by. Although it is now coming to an end, we have gained skills and experience we will use for years to come, and we have made invaluable connections.