By Danielle McLean, Summer Intern

I have been in Donald Simpson’s Tax and Succession team for the duration of my internship and this has provided me with a valuable insight into the scope of private client work. As much as I was hesitant to take the stereotype of only writing wills for little old ladies at face value, I have been pleasantly surprised at the variety of work I have undertaken during my internship in addition to the expected tasks ofdrafting deeds, letters and making phone calls etc. Some unexpected highlights have included a large project reviewing limited partnership structures mixed in with trips to Companies House and even trawling Amazon reviews to make a suitable purchase for a client!

In addition to the chance to learn and experience the practical side of law that escapes you whilst studying the LLB, what has really made my time at Turcan Connell great has been the employees of the firm themselves. Everyone has been not only welcoming, but also approachable and willing to help throughout; no matter who, or what the question. Something which I feel summarises this environment perfectly is an old Chinese proverb which I received as part of a response from a tax assistant in one of my first weeks at the firm: “He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever”.

The firm also gives interns a chance to learn over and above the experience from the tasks given daily. I have attended the Trust and Tax Discussion Group where relevant updates on the latest happenings of the legal world are commented on by all members. I have also attended lunchtime workshops on compliance regulations and powers of attorney.

Finally, the social side of the internship has added to an already enjoyable experience. I’ve had everything from drinks, lunches and dinner with the other interns, trainees, my team and the rest of the firm. I can definitely say that I am looking forward to my final week at Turcan Connell and to using all the experience I have gained in the future.