By Seema Shahzad, Summer Intern

Writing this, I am currently in week four of my summer internship at Turcan Connell. I remember my first day, being nervous and frightened at the prospect of being given tasks I felt I would not be able to handle. However, after numerous inductions, which we were weaned off, I felt more and more at home. The welcoming from my team helped even more so. I had it drilled into me (as I’m sure everyone has) that interns lack real work, their main priorities are making tea and/or little tasks which no one wants to do. However, I couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, I am given administrative tasks (which I can now say isn’t as easy or as dull as people make out when there’s deadlines to meet…), but on top of that, I have been given real work which is actually used towards a client and their case!

As the weeks have passed, my responsibilities have grown more and more. And due to this, so has my experience in the world of law. I know how to draft letters, I am more confident in contacting and getting information from third parties, my research skills and note taking has improved drastically in a matter of weeks and, most importantly, I’ve gained the spark of experience I needed to confirm that I want to not only study law but practice it.

Further to this, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing many social events, from retirement parties, to charity fundraisers and after work socials every Friday! I had a lovely welcome lunch with my team, giving me the opportunity to speak to every colleague on a more relaxed level which, in turn, allowed me to have both more respect for them but also allow me to have a friendly conversation.

As an aspiring lawyer, I have always felt the need to work within a firm which firstly values its employees and secondly has a friendly nature while maintaining its professionalism. Turcan Connell meets both of these. I hope my remaining weeks are filled with more of the experiences I have already had and include new exciting prospects!