By Eleanor Picken, Summer Intern

As I am writing this I am almost finished my first week at Turcan Connell and I cannot believe it!  I was so nervous before starting as an intern – I had just finished my first year of the accelerated LLB and had absolutely no idea what to expect. However, I quickly realised that there was really nothing to be nervous about. 

On my first day I was put into my team in Tax and Succession and introduced to my mentor who made me feel welcome from the moment I set foot in the office. I was under the naive impression that it would be relatively plain sailing during my first week but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Despite having inductions on the first two days, I was given real work from day one. My first task was to draft a letter summarising trust assets of a large estate. Having never studied trusts before, I found this quite overwhelming but looking back, I am glad that I was thrown in at the deep end. It meant that I had to adapt and learn quickly.

As I am writing this I am working on a research piece involving Brexit and its implications for EU Regulation, Brussels IV. Naturally, many of Turcan Connell’s clients own assets in the EU therefore this was a particularly interesting research task to undertake. Having studied the EU for five years, I have really enjoyed working on this report and am now much more informed on how succession law works, not only in the UK, but also abroad. I graduated with a degree in languages and EU Studies and already I am finding the knowledge I gained in my first degree to be useful in the work I am doing at Turcan Connell.

One of the most rewarding parts of my internship so far has been seeing law put into practice. Exposure to real client work has given me invaluable experience into how law is put into practice in real life and that is something that I will take with me in my future legal career.  

Other tasks that I have been assigned this week include drafting letters and emails to clients, depositing cheques (which is a rather nerve-wracking experience!), compiling inventories, calculating Inheritance Tax claims, researching trusts and, most importantly, mastering the extensive online client database. I am also now very well acquainted with the photocopier!  Over the next couple of weeks I am hoping to work on Will Reviews.      

Highlights for me this week have included: lunch with the trainees where I got to find out more about what it is like to be a trainee solicitor at the Firm; lunch with my team, who all have varied levels of experience in the legal profession; and attending a team meeting with the Managing Partner where we discussed current issues affecting our department. 

One thing that I have taken away from my first week at Turcan Connell is that no matter your level of legal experience – Partner, Associate, Trainee or Intern – you are a valued part of the team. On our first day we were invited to a retirement event for a Partner and he reiterated this in his retirement speech. I hope that the next five weeks will continue to be just as challenging and enjoyable.